Baasch & Sons is a small town welding company based out of Cairo, Nebraska. They love what they do and you can tell all the hard work they put in. This brand is simple and modern but also timeless.

Baasch and Sons Welding and Repair is the first thing you see on the Cairo main-street. Baasch and Sons is a welding repair, and small manufacturing business that prides itself in high quality products and services. Located in a small community, they service customers far and wide.  Anything from welding a broken pipe to custom made equipment, they can do it all. Baasch & Sons has a friendly staff that is always there for your fabrication needs. Every morning the staff of Baasch & Sons take a coffee break where they have a circle of couches and they talk about life, if you happen to walk in at this time, they will invite you over and offer you a cup of coffee and talk to you like you have known each other forever. The friendliness of their staff is what makes them so great. They work hard for you so you don’t have to. Baasch & Sons in the perfect fit for a community of farmers and ranchers.


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