This branding project was created to be very fun and uplifting, yet simple and strong. With only three colors, black, red, and white this brand stands out and pops against any background. Village Fitness is a small town fitness center that brings the community together in a great way. The two owners of the business love what they do and you can see it in the wonderful photos we captured of them inside their business.

Village Fitness is a small fitness center in the small town of Cairo, Nebraska. Before Village Fitness was opened, Cairo had no place for people to workout or be active. The best thing about this small little fitness center is that it promotes people of all ages to get active and workout! The owners, Quinn and Randi Webb decided to open Village Fitness because they wanted to see their community get active. Village Fitness is one of the greatest assets to the Cairo Community!



MEDIUM: Design & Photography

DATE: December 2018