Here is a little back story behind this amazing small town business: Whitefoot Market started in Boelus as a family based grocery store in 1896. Today they still have the grocery store in Boelus, as well as, their catering business. The catering business is located in the back of the store and is very popular to many people in the Central Nebraska area. They cater weddings to banquets, and everything in between! One of the greatest things about them, is that they really love their community! Everyday they feed the community with the left over food they have from catering. Many farmers look forward to their daily lunch from Whitefoots! The store used to have isles up and down the building, but because of the popular lunches, they have cleared out many rows for people to gather and talk during the lunch hour. On a busy day, there can be up to 40 people gathered in the middle of their little store. Whitefoot Market and Catering is the friendliest small town grocery store you will find around.

Whitefoot Market & Catering’s brand was designed to feel just as timeless as the company itself. The simple yet elegant typography really helps it stand out yet feel like it has been their logo for years. There are many patterns that can be used both in the market and for the catering business. This brand will stand out to the young people as well as the people who have been in the community their whole lives. 

CATEGORY: Whitefoot Market & Catering Brand Design

MEDIUM: Design + Photography

DATE:  January 2018